What A Shott!

The “Spark-ling” new gaming heaven, Shott, in suburban Mumbai packs in more than just an elevated bowling adventure.

It’s a psychedelic play out across six hypnotic lanes as the fluid graphics roll out in a Vegas style splash out. More wildly as the ball zips down the bowling alley that projects your own image while you knock those pins down. Shott arrives in style, as Mumbai’s latest gaming haven lazing across 25000 sq ft, ushering in Asia’s first Spark bowling alleys.

The globular lights suspended from the ceiling set the mood for a skyrocketing experience the moment you land at Shott. The UV-lit bowling alleys, fringed by the tiny tots gaming zone, make way for the laser tag den. 

Games galore

A cool space lined with glowing red and green streaks form a riveting maze here in Laser Wars. There are four levels to ace to win the booty, if you are somehow able to cinch your behind to weave and slither through the slim slashed gaps between the beams. I honestly did try to masquerade as the lithe limbed Catherine Zeta Jones in the Hollywood starrer Entrapment, easing my generous weight in slo-mo, serpentine moves, slithering along the floor to avoid the touching the lasers. I managed to reach the third level, after slapping my palm against the hand imprint on the kiosk to release funny beeps and burps, fitting the four puzzle pieces in the nick of time to release the code (squinting without my glasses to read in the dim light) and crawling away to the adjacent room. Each blooper shaves precious minutes off your rationed time frame. But never mind, the thrill of almost making it till the final touchpoint, while sacrificing my spotless white shirt in the process, made every second of this adventure worth it.

Victorious, breathless, and a little sweaty, I arrived at the riot of gaming machines in the arcade (kitted with 100+ games), ablaze in bubble gum pinks and snazzy greens—with motorcycles, virtual reality screens, and a pool table rolling out in a vivacious welcome. The bar and the expansive lounge lined with neat wheels on the walls and showstopper floral light fixtures hugging the ceiling, make for a superbly air-conditioned space where you can chill out with a drink before uncovering Shott’s best kept secret: the six edgy Spark bowling lanes that roll out quietly at a slight elevation. It is augmented reality bowling at its best, for everyone from beginners to pros. The tech, brought in from Brunswick Bowling Products, elevates the entire space at Shott to a mega fantastic level. What raises the quotient in both glamour and dynamism is the state-of-the-art laser projection technology, spinning out fluid moves on the lanes in a hedonic rush. Killer move, as Shott brought in sibling spaces in Ahmedabad and Surat before gliding into Mumbai.

Shilpi Madan for Zee Zest

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