With the launch of his first solo album, Mahaleela, percussionist Sivamani talk about his journey into the world of drums.

My music is an amalgam of myriad influences, it flows from within.

He creates a musical medley by fusing global strains: from the crucibles of African rhythms to Chinese chants, Vedic verses and Japanese hymns. He breathes magic through his fingers into every surface including conventional cymbals, timbale, Batajon, shells, conches, kadais, Bisleri bottles, suitcases… He is the internationally acclaimed percussionist Anandam Sivamani.

“I have played on pots, pans, bottles and all kinds of instruments but nothing beats the drums,” he enthuses. There are no favourites though, as he keeps picking up instruments on his sojourns the world over. “I need space to move, run, dance and make my music on stage. This makes my set up quite unconventional.”

Shilpi Madan in conversation with Sivamani
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