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How to sleep better: Make tonal and tactile changes in your room to hit the sack easily!

Bring in tonal and tactile changes in your room to make yourself sleep better

Get in the satin pillowcases, cuddle pillow, or that ‘just-right’ pillow to rest on and sleep well. A snug comforter will do the trick too

You’ve done the drill: performed breathing exercises, kept the gadgetry away, sipped on chamomile and lavender, made to-do lists, hummed, chanted… but you are still wide awake. Some tonal and tactile changes can help bring the sleep back.
Space out

Sound rest is important to ensure good metabolism and to keep lifestyle disorders at a bay. Says Noida-based Aman Puri, sleep science coach and founder, Steadfast Nutrition, a luxe sports nutrition brand, “Sleep hygiene is an area drawing attention owing to the health problems millennials are facing. Try decluttering your room. This cultivates a sense of control over the space and also provides some calm. Bring in an ergonomically favourable mattress, bed linen for a restful span.”

Comfort up

Get in the satin pillowcases, cuddle pillow, or that ‘just-right’ pillow to rest on. A snug comforter will do the trick too. Says Kolkata-based Kabir Siddiq, founder, SleepyCat, “Research reveals therapeutic, weighted blankets bring about an improved, more natural sleep cycle by increasing production of the happy hormone, serotonin. The luxurious softness of a weighted blanket provides a relaxed, snugly feeling because of the deep touch pressure principle. High-density glass beads are incorporated in the blankets to help the body relax into a state of deep sleep.” Ensure the pillowcases carry no embroidery that may annoy the skin. Change the linen frequently to zap away sweat, bed bugs, and dead skin on your headrest. It is here that allergies and infections secretly hide.  

Air it right

The presence of a Himalayan salt lamp exudes a quiet glow, detoxifying the air that you inhale as you sleep. Bring in essential oils and air fresheners to improve your sleep quality. This freshens the room creating a soothing shut-eye zone. Aromatherapy can work in magical ways in lulling you to sleep.

Shilpi Madan for Sunday Standard

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