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The slumber party guide: Host your tween’s sleepover at home with friends!

Make your tween’s slumber party a smashing success: The hosting sleepovers guide!

You would much rather your tween parties at home (within your watchful eye), than outside. But then make the effort to host a smashing sleepover create a light, fun-filled affair when your tween invites a bunch of friends over for a nod-off. Here are ways in which you can sass up the sweepstakes for a comfortable night in. Here is your slumber party guide!

Decorate the room, organise snacks, put on the music and ready your tween's room for a slumber party with his or her friends!
I spy

Interior stylist Jasmine Jhaveri suggests that you pick a theme to work in the decor. “Having a theme simply makes it even more special. Games, decor, activities, food and giveaways can then be centred around this theme, making your job easier,” she says. “Think out-of-the-box such as a Parisian theme with fairy lights and floral linens for your budding fashionista or a cool blue Mediterranean theme for your adventurous tween. From boho-chic to jungalow, there’s a world of interesting themes that set the tone for your slumber party with a difference.”

Let there be light

“Lighting is an extremely crucial factor when it comes to inducing a certain mood or creating an aura,” explains Ekta Khialani, founder at Casa Novo. “Make sure to illuminate the room for your tween’s girl tribe by setting up mood lighting with macramé pendant lights. Elegant table and floor lamps along with shimmery fairy lights can add that extra touch to ensure a dreamy, cosy and feminine atmosphere.” Adds Jasmine, “Retire your tubelights for the night and get creative as the magic of slumber parties gets accentuated with themed lights and decor. Fairy lights, colourful LED lights, fun lampshades, battery candles — all of these are easy to get and help in creating a special oasis for your tween and their friends.”

Linen shift

When it comes to slumber parties, let your creativity shine. “Go for solids when it comes to your linens. Keep in mind that your tween girls are going to have food, nail polish, paint all over,” reasons Jasmine. “It is a good idea to opt for soft cotton sheets in solids that are comfortable yet easy to clean. You can use your sheets as the foundation colour and go crazy with highlights, like cushion covers, rugs, throws, blankets…. Bring in sequins or fur pillows, funky-shaped pillows with characters like a phone or a quirky message that brings in a touch of zing for teenyboppers. Spruce up drab curtains by making way for soft pastel nets as scrolls with fairylights behind them and see the windows come alive.” Remember, soft and fluffy textures on the bed make for great comfort.

Shilpi Madan for Indian Express

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