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Small Wonders

When it comes to nutrients, superfoods have proved that size does not matter.

These tiny energising performers are what people are looking at when it comes to a healthier life.

Whoever said “good things come in small packages” perhaps meant superfoods, the nutrient-packed powerhouses of good health. Mohit Khattar, managing director of Godrej Nature’s Basket, says the growth of superfoods across cities such as Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru has been stupendous. “There has been a dramatic change in consumer patterns over the past two years. Today, many more consumers are aware of superfoods. There is a desire to opt for ingredients and grains that provide credible alternatives to regular food and sustainable results,” says Khattar.

The popularity of superfoods has been growing. “Presently, 20 per cent of our sales are from flax seeds, goji berry, amaranth, etc. Chia seeds are fast catching up too. People who buy these foods do it for nutritional or health benefits,” says Mamatha, co-owner of Vriksh: The Organic Store at Vyalikaval in Bengaluru.

Under the broad spectrum of superfoods fall spirulina, amla (gooseberry), green coffee, black beans, moringa leaves, sesame seeds and others. Chennai-based dietician Dharini Krishnan says, “Today, since people do not eat home-cooked meals, they end up tucking in carbohydrates and fats throughout the day, sidelining other essential nutrients. Inclusion of superfoods in the daily diet plays a key role in adding the missing nutrients to the everyday food intake.”

A word of caution, however. “I would not recommend any kind of superfoods that come as tetra packs, powders or energy bars. When a nutritionally sound, proper meal that the body requires is consumed, it will give super results,” says dietician Gomathy Gowthama in Chennai.


Shilpi Madan for New Indian Express


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