Soul tonic

Being nagged by stress that refuses to go away? Spas are an ideal way to get the sparkle back in your spirit.

It is the ditty each overworked soul sings, when the body it lives in threatens acrimonious separation: You try yogilatis (a combination of yoga and pilates, an innovation you can bracket with power yoga, artistic yoga, passion yoga…), then Power Qi (tai chi with weights) and even the rudraksha bead relaxation to bring in soul soothing moments.. It doesn’t work. You feel there is something lacking.

Then you begin to imagine a soothing session that leaves your tired spirit feeling rejuvenated, your aching muscles relaxed and your worn out limbs sparkling like precious gems. You dream of a getaway that boosts your energy levels… You fantasise about those elixir hours you could spend exclusively with yourself, scissored from the cacophony of mobile phones and all the urban fritters that living in a city brings along. Wellness vacations bring in this and much more, giving shape to your physical resurrection and soul bliss through their magical and therapeutic menus.

Inner bliss

A truly magical holiday translates to moments spent in infusing your soul with inner bliss and a wealth of peace. Hinged on this vital tenet, spas and wellness centres rooted in tranquil locations in India and across the world woo urban weary souls into their soothing confines. Days spent in these legions of enervation revive your spirit, relax your physical self and rejuvenate every pore of your being.

For yoga purists, the dwellings of yoga gurus form the nodal attraction. Learning the correct progression of asanas and their impact on your personal biology, the right breathing techniques to benefit yourself and hone your ability to focus more effectively and for a feeling of overall well-being are the attractions when you decide to invest your holiday hours at a yoga institute. From the ancient learning groves of B.K.S. Iyengar to the more contemporary sessions of artistic yoga at Bharat Thakur’s centres to the racier version of passion yoga gaining ground in metros, there is something for everyone.

The crux is that when you return from your holiday, your soul feels richer.

Shilpi Madan for The Hindu
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