Gemstones are climbing the popularity charts. So make sure you choose those sparklers right.

If you thought that old gold was bold, think again. Exotic gemstones spell a contemporary exuberance that simply enthrals. Glittering gemstones are fast clawing their way up the popularity charts, making their presence felt on and off the ramp, in bridal finery and in a multitude of configurations. Hear gem gurus sieve out the winking delights making a wallet dent this season.

Little treasures make wonderful pleasures. They even make you sparkle, sizzle and shine. “The past few years have seen a greater awareness of gemstones through advertising,” says jewellery designer Pradeep Jethani. “Since blue and green are eye-catching colours, they are making rapid inroads into jewellery designs, singularly as well as in combination with diamonds.” Add to it the precision in designs and you find the electric sapphires and alluring tourmalines moving at a dizzying pace through the glitterati events.

Mesmerising colours and aesthetically pleasing cuts appeal. As do the prices. “The cost of diamonds has escalated radically over the past few years,” points out jewellery designer Poonam Soni. “With fashion trends changing at a rapid pace, this is making semi precious stones like tourmaline and citrine favoured bets in the gems selection owing to both their colour and price range.”

Shilpi Madan for The Hindu
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