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It’s his second nature: Stand up comic Amit Tandon’s humour reflects his true nature

Known for his clean humour which attracts families for friendly comical evenings, Amit Tandon is a riot!

Amit Tandon, the comic, is an international name. With guffaws, chuckles and grins galore greeting his performances on stage, he trots all across the globe with a passport fatter than a rhino. Yet, having clocked over 1,200 shows, he has still more masala and madness to make you dissolve into laughter in an instant.

My parents chose such a common name for me,” he starts off as we settle into a leisurely chat. “I have many namesakes. People often mistake me for Amit Tandon, the actor. As luck would have it, this gentleman moved into the same house we were staying at earlier. Hence the confusion persists. I even got calls when his wife was jailed in Dubai last year,” says Amit with a straight face, in his bid to explain why his website URL reads to distinguish him from others with the same name.

Shilpi Madan for Sunday Herald

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