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Single kids have the fear of being alone: Suchitra Pillai

“Be a friend to your children. Make them enjoy the comfort of being able to talk to you about anything, anytime,” said Suchitra Pillai.

For her, the sky is the limit. Suchitra Pillai pursues a multitude of passions in for acting, modelling, theatre, music – having starred in movies including Dil Chahta Hai, Satta, Page 3, The Valley…and dazzled audiences with her performance in the iconic play Dance Like a Man –as she wraps up shoots for two web series for Alt Balaji: Kehne ko Hamsafar Hai Season 3, and a new show; looks forward to her upcoming Netflix originals in Betaal (produced by Red Chillies), and Masaba Masaba. All while she readies to release her second music album of rock and roll soon.

Married to actor Lars Kjeldsen, Suchitra is also a mother in progress to their beautiful daughter, Annika. Excerpts from a conversation with Express Parenting:

Annika is 12 now. What is your biggest challenge?

Getting used to her personality that is rapidly changing! What used to be controllable, is now no longer controllable (laughs). She most certainly has a mind of her own and is sensitive about certain things, including the manner in which she is spoken with.

What do you lock horns over?

iPad time! Lars is a disciplinarian and rations time on the screen to 45 minutes. There are constant arguments that follow. She does not have a phone, and her friends have an iPhone 11…such points come up. We keep explaining patiently to her the ill effects of latching onto the mobile.

Shilpi Madan for The Indian Express

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