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Grape vibe at Sula Vineyards

There is something about February that makes the air taste cool and delicious as you course along the countryside. It is a treasured drive as you leisurely wind along the lush countryside in Nashik in Maharashtra, along the meandering roads. You can go Insta crazy here, with rural folk carrying wares, waiting to cross the road; school kids skipping along, moody cows ambling past turbaned farmers working in their fields. The paddy slowly morphs into tufted leafy ears propped up with sticks and threads as you swing into the heart of Nashik — the country’s wine producing region.

Grape vines abound as you weave your way through the small villages of Dindori and Dang district, with their colourful clusters of shops, and then take a detour off the highway to wing into the sprawling expanse of Sula vineyards. Each year in February SulaFest brings in a medley of performing artistes from across the world for a thumping rendition in its famed ampitheatre. Of course, you do yoga in the morning, cycle under the stars, enjoy a personalised sommelier tour and toast the championed…

Shilpi Madan for Deccan Herald

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