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She’s found her calling

Swaroop Sampat wows audiences with her brilliant acting each time she chooses to appear on screen, but of late, she has turned down acting offers as she is busy imparting training to teachers and educating children in remote villages

She tugged at the heartstrings of thousands as the dementia-afflicted mother of Vicky Kaushal in the recent blockbuster Uri; earlier endearing herself to the millennials through her rather progressive mindset as Kareena Kapoor’s mother in the trailblazer movie Ki and Ka. Former Miss India Swaroop Sampat wows the natives with her brilliant acting, each time she chooses to appear on screen.

Not that she ever required a beauty pageant title to validate her beauty. Sleek-boned, gifted with an even more sharper acumen, and powered by the desire to help the less privileged, Swaroop has, over the years, left an indelible impact on many in the audience across the country through her unforgettable role as Renu, in the telly sitcom Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi in 1984; in films like Naram Garam, Saptapadi and most importantly, in spreading the light of hope and education in the lives of children with special disabilities. She is one of those who are blessed with both beautiful looks and an intelligent mind apart from being the perfect better-half of acclaimed actor-politician Paresh Rawal.

Shilpi Madan for Deccan Herald

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