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Artist Bandana Jain: on thinking outside the cardboard box

Contemporary artist Bandana Jain funnels her imagination by upcycling corrugated cartons to create art, “The Brown Age” — withered, weathered, wearing emotions as she pours in freely from her own experiences.

Decor Features

Lal Ded: The voice of awakening

Ritu and Surya Singh of Wolf Jaipur use scraps and discards to form a narrative inspired by protofeminist poet Lal Ded, and her universal vakhs (verses) that portray an era where women’s voices rose above patriarchy


The ‘maximum miniaturist’

Jaipur artist Suvigya Sharma is on an NFT mission to protect endangered species through his works


Artist Mohammed Intiyaz in dialogue with his emotions

Artist Mohammed Intiyaz converses with his emotions in a startlingly real collection titled “Can we Talk?”


Meet Rhea Bhattacharya, the artist who prints her own unique fabrics for her label ‘Drawn’

Unlike other designers that procure their fabric from various sources, Rhea Bhattacharya commissions her own by collaborating with illustrators to create prints unique to her brand.