Don’t sweat the small stuff

Sweat under the over? In spite of using underarm deodorants, anti-bacterial soaps, and armpit packs, some suffer sweaty armpits. Altering your diet and choosing home remedies could make a difference

The femtech phenomenon: it’s an intimate matter

Stepping away from stigmas to meet the needs of women are an array of femtech-monikered products that go beyond the pink.

Integrative nutrition

You’ve tried every possible fad diet, cut out the carbs, stepped up the hours of exercise, and are still not there on the health index. Try moving away from the BMI fixation towards integrative nutrition that looks at wellness comprehensively, not just through the lens of food. It is about how you nurture your body,...

Sparkling superstars

From sparkling diamond-dressed i-watches to emerald-enthused earrings, jewellery designer Prerna Rajpal’s chic creations spell everyday luxury

Etisha Collective brings in the splendour of treasured Turkish baths

From the house of Etisha Collective come luxe, Ottoman inspired, premium Turkish towels to elevate your bathing experience