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Go Tartish

Tangy desserts top the leading food trends of 2020, as they wing in to serenade your palate

Sour cherry brandy whispers in the iconic black forest cake and pies, tart fruit slices atop the creamy Pavlova, the dry curd bellied New York cheesecake…there is something about the tanginess of sour desserts that makes your heart simply sing. Especially when you look for more than an exceedingly sweet conclusion to your meal.

“The combination of sweet and tangy elevates the eclectic variety of flavours that a dessert has the offer,” says chef Guntas, homebaker from Le Cordon Bleu, London….“The tartness rings a bell on your tongue while cutting through the sweetness, and this is what makes a sour dessert perfect.”

True. If beating your sweet tooth is one of your oft-recited new year resolutions, double up on your resolve. Sour desserts are rocking the tangy treats circuit with great aplomb. It is a delicious divide but one that piques your appetite.

Shilpi Madan for Deccan Herald

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