Tasty tapioca treat

Remember the food your mom used to toss up whenever spartan fasts came about? The chilli- and peanut-laced sabudana khichdi, and the crunchy tapioca papadams mingled with fried peanuts formed a yummy tea-time snack. All of us have a tapioca tale garnishing our childhood memories, and the new-age food climes are now winging in spin-offs of the rather non-glamorous, snowy starch in multiple ways.


Pearls Of Wisdom 

Used in various forms—flour, meal, flakes and pearls—it is dubbed as fatty and filling. So one needs to eat it in moderation, unless you wish to pack in the kilos. 

“Chefs use it as an alternative to corn flour for thickening soups, stews and sauces,” says dietitian Sarika Nair of SlimnHappy, Mumbai. “Tapioca comes strapped with carbohydrates, making it a perfect pick for those observing a fast as the high carb content keeps you feeling full for a longer time,” she explains. Sabudana is high in calcium and manganese content, but is gluten-free, and low on sodium. Tapioca pearls are also a common ingredient used in making puddings and teas. You can make lighter versions by using soy, almond, cashew, and fat-free milk as a substitute for whole milk. 

Shilpi Madan for New Indian Express

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