Rich, rare, regal.

IMG_5441 Royal Salute, the treasured Scotch whisky, from the house of Chivas Regal, brought home yet another enviable leader: The glorious unveiling of its vintage car, on its international sojourn across the world. Of course, the beauty is following a touchpoint matrix of handpicked locations across the globe, and made a quick halt at Grand Hyatt Mumbai, in India, for an exclusive preview last night. What made the night even more special was that the magical affair brought in the 12th birthday of Grand Hyatt in Mumbai.

The thickly grass carpeted lawns, with dramatic pools of evolving wispy smoke; lively music and enigmatic blue light set the mood for a chic affair that breathed sheer splendour. And yes, the bonnet gleamed, in perfect sync with the pouring of the 21-year-aged- elixir, in the silvery moonlight.

A perfect salut to sheer luxury.