Actor Vatshal Sheth loves the variety of plum roles he plays

Vatsal Sheth, the quintessential romantic hero, brews big hits on the silver screen

This light-eyed actor won hearts across the country with his lead outing in film-maker-duo Abbas Mastan’s Taarzan: The Wonder Car in 2003. Since then, he has been wowing fans with his silver screen and telly performances. Meet Vatsal Sheth, the quintessential romantic hero with the alluring smile.

Vatsal Sheth, the quintessential romantic actor with the alluring smile on his romance with films

The elder of two siblings, Vatsal intended to become a software engineer but shelved his dream in favour of the tinsel town once he netted the role of Jai in Just Mohabbat. “The biggest triumph for me is the appreciation I have got with the limited amount of work I have done — I have been working since 1998-1999, but I have packed in fewer films compared to my peers simply because I have been very choosy,” he says with his signature smile.

“But whatever I have done has met with immense appreciation. That is my real earning as an artiste.” In 2007, Sheth appeared as Vikram Singh (the ‘older’ Jaisalmer in the movie Nanhe Jaisalmer). Then, Heroes, and Disney’s The Cheetah Girls:One World happened, followed by Subhash Ghai’s Paying Guests, and the Salman Khan-starrer Jai Ho, where he played a cameo. What netted in resounding applause was Vatsal’s negative role as Shaurya Goenka in the soap Ek Hasina Thi, in 2014. It virtually made him a household name. “You know, television has brought me immense recognition,” he admits. “My first movie did not do very well when it released on the big screen. But when it released on television, it worked like a charm,” he confesses.

“In fact, till date, each time it runs on air, it gives the highest TRPs. So, I think that is what is working because when I did my first television show, Ek Haseena Thi, it was quite a polarised projection from my ‘Mr Nice’ image. Suddenly, I was

playing a grey character in Ek Haseena Thi. That was a pivotal turning point in my life and in my career trajectory. Sometimes, as an actor, it works to do something completely different from what you are in real life.”

Shilpi Madan for Sunday Herald

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