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The magic of vintage sleeves

Exaggerated sleeves bring in a royal touch – being fluid and fabulous, bishop sleeves are creating ripples in arm silhouettes

Cold shoulder, cutaways, bell shapes are just so passe. Move in bishop sleeves, a classic rendition that holds it all at the spiffy cuff and makes for the perfect pick for both formal and casual wear. A cut above the rest It is a cool, versatile pick for all.

Says fashion designer Julie Shields of Facil Blanco, “The soft flowing design allows for freedom of movement of your arm. It is a comfortable fit, from the soft loose cut at the top of the sleeve to the gentle binding finish at the wrist.” An oversized fashion statement in contemporary fashion, the sleeves take after the languid Byzantine cut of the robe worn by bishops. But the style has been taking to the red carpet now with a vengeance, years after it was endorsed galore by by the royalty in the days of yore.

Make it work

“The best part about bishop sleeves is the sheer functionality of the silhouette. It works as corporate wear, in power dressing and is feminine at the same time,” says fashion designer Sweta Aggarwal of A Humming Story.

Shilpi Madan for Deccan Herald

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