Warm Serenade

Moments of sheer poetic hush bathed in a luxurious matrix of breathtaking ambiance, divine gourmet gospels and precious flutes. A slice of sinful paradise if there ever was one. If you secretly wish to stumble upon the perfectly crafted grotto with your soulmate, go ahead and discover three of Mumbai’s most romantic dining experiences, suggests Shilpi Madan

Lap of Luxury

It takes after the romantic war adventure film from 1942, where Humphrey Bogart played a nightclub owner in Casablanca, Morocco, with Ingrid Bergman as his former lover. That makes this dining space for two, equally sought after by the city’s elite. “There is a virtual scramble for the dinner booking every night. It is a sort of prestige issue with the high fliers and demands a tremendous amount of dexterity on our part to accommodate our regulars without ruffling any feathers,” confesses chef, Hemant Oberoi, the man behind it all. Tear yourself away from the buzz of the Souk and make way past the bar, through the kitchen to this balcony-converted alcove on the 24th floor of the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower at Apollo Bunder. At Casablanca, the world comes to a standstill. Virtually. The gleaming transparent glass frontage hooks your eyes as they capture the winking lights of billionares’ pampered anchored yachts caressing the waters of the Arabian Sea beyond, the view of the towering Gateway below, together with the pedestrians dotting the area.

Shilpi Madan for Verve
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