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Clever Ways to Make Your Home Look More Spacious

It’s no secret that an expansive home is a luxury in Indian metros. Here is how you can skilfully leverage what you have…

Admit it. Everyone loves a big home. In jam-packed Indian cities, open spaces in homes belong to the sepia-toned past, and come with a hefty price attached these days. Worry not! You too can easily shape your secret dream. Choose to open up your home and enjoy the luxury of unending space. Get down to making the crouching inches in your pad a bit more expansive and leverage the area skilfully to spell sheer fluidity of space, even in modest confines. Here is how you weave in some smart aspects while doing up your cocoon.

Easy ways to make your small spaces expand visually!

Singular style
It’s important that your home be an expression of your personality and unique taste. If you’re looking to maximise the space, the rule of thumb is to ensure there’s a unified palette. The less variety of materials and colours used, the more spacious your home will look, like it has been done in this space.

Tip: If you opt for the same flooring leading away from the lounge into the private areas of your residence, there is a visual connect. A break in the texture of the flooring segments spaces.

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