Simply white. Celebrate the perfect canvas for summer

Embrace the sheer versatility of classic whites as the sun smiles strongly.

It is the versatility of the colour that appeals to you and makes the pure flow into your wardrobe. White couples beautifully with every colour, and it is poised as the perfect backdrop for your stunning necklaces and accessories. Embrace the serenity it brings along to beat the glowering heat…

Embrace the sheer versatility of the classic whites as the sun smiles strongly. It teams up well with every other color and accessory

White exudes a sense of beatific calm. Says designer Varsha Wadhwa, “I believe more in the power of white than in black. Come any season, trend or mood, white simply wafts in with unbeatable poise and grace. The common misconception is that the colour magnifies your proportions, making you look larger. But it is the choice of silhouette that determines whether a person appears slim. The cut, style and fabric must complement your body type and personality. The trickiest part about pulling off the colour is the fit, and the strategic cuts and styling in terms of colour blocking (when you wish to ‘break’ the monotone with colours).”

But with a mix of fabrics and detailing like crochet, slit sleeves, different necklines and fine embroidery…the clean canvas of the colour can be played up in multiple ways. “Though it is tough to maintain a spotless run,” points out fashion designer Varun Bahl, “as India is tropical country and largely dusty. But white complements your personality like no other hue.” Fine details The sheer breathability of muls, cottons, linens rules the roost this season. Summer favourite fabrics like chanderi, mulmul and khadi work brilliantly with whites. Varsha picks the organic route during summer. “I use beautiful fabrics made of bamboo, soya bean and cotton. Along with that, to add structure, my favourite is sheer organza that falls beautifully

Shilpi Madan for Deccan Herald

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