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Wow Wallscapes in Five

Experts tell how wallpapers can make a style statement in every part of your house

Longing to have a go at changing the complexion of your walls? Charge on! The arrival of wallpapers in India brings a relatively quick and easy solution for redecorating your home, minus the mess and smells of painting. Cue in on these small but useful pointers for choosing and installing wallpaper and roll it out!

1. Kit it right
“Wallpapers work fabulously well in kitchens,” says decor specialist Ambika Hinduja Macker. “Kitchens are usually all about robust gadgets and equipment. Adding wallpapers brings in femininity, colour and grace. Floral or abstract prints work best for wallpapers here. Soft pastels, multiple hues of white or grey look lovely. Essentially the wallpapers should be fireproof, waterproof, easy to clean, durable, strong, and simple to scrub.”

While decking out the walls in your kitchen, choose easy-to-maintain, vinyl-backed wallpapers above the height of the backsplash of the counter. Make sure you opt for a durable, non-flammable, good quality wallpaper which will not peel or crack easily.

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