Actor Zuber Khan transits easily from one screen to another

The telly star is a winning combination of good looks and great acting skills.

He is the dishy Manpreet Singh Bedi from the popular daily soap Kasam. An engineer by education, an actor by default. Meet Zuber K Khan who has his sights set firmly on the silver screen with his next release The Dream Job.

Actor Zuber Khan is a winning combination of good looks and great acting skills. In a candid chat about his upcoming projects

“I always wanted to be an actor,” he admits. “I was passionate about cricket when I was young but then the stress of studies took over during my teens. Despite playing at the district level in the sport, I dropped out of the team. Instead, I set my sights on acting, and at some point in my life, began dabbling in modelling assignments,” shares Zuber. Of course, he completed his studies as an engineer for the sheer happiness of his family. Gradually, he learnt many skills and attributes.

So, how did the telly change his life? “Manpreet’s role has won me unbelievable recognition. The character has given me immense popularity. It has taken me into the living rooms of people and beyond. Wherever I go, people recognise me and want to click pictures with me. It drives home the unbelievable power of television. Although I am an introvert, especially when it comes to speaking with female fans, I quite enjoy the attention. In fact, once a girl asked me to hug her just to confirm if I if I was really standing in front of her,” he laughs. “I feel blessed to get so much love from people. Once, a lady came rushing to me, calling out my name from across the road. She was with her husband on a motorbike when she spotted me and asked for a picture with me. It was a little embarrassing, but I cherish every interaction with my fans. They have made me who I am today,” he says. Zuber is known best for his telly outings in Life OK’s Crime Series, Supercops Vs Supervillains, Sad…

Shilpi Madan for Sunday Herald

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